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[English] Lotta Höglin: The sensual voice of Gothic Metal

Gothic Metal

Originally written in Portuguese by Renan Martins

Translated to English by Caterine Souza

Lotta Höglin has sensual voice that could make the album ‘Souls Highway’ being one of the most amazing from Beseech band.

Beseech is a band that can explore all that is most interesting in the world of Gothic Metal. With extremely serious vocals that were once taken by Erik Molarin, the band was able to make an excellent combination and never failed to miss anything on their music, impeccable and very unique quality on their work.

‘Souls Highway’ was one of the best releases so far, if not the best, a lot of this because of the very quality and unique shape of Lotta Höglin who can bring a beautiful melody in her voice while leaving the obscure and extremely sensuous music.

A formidable band shows to be different right away and surely, Beseech achieves this. Lotta Höglin is indeed a different vocalist and has a very impressive posture, a great voice and a quality that can perfectly complete the rest of the band. A band that has a worthy instrumental like that can be taken to the extreme because all the musicians there are of the utmost quality.

‘Souls Highway’ shows an extremely creative point of the band. It counts yet with a very different version and magnificent song called ‘Gimme, Gimme, Gimme’ from the legendary Norwegian band ABBA. Not to mention that the album still has songs like ‘Blinded, ‘The Last Farewell’ and the most sensational of all those songs is ‘Between The Lines’ because it is the most sensational ballad of this band’s album. ‘Souls Highway’ is an amazing album with a sensational singer in a band that creates with such intelligent instrumentals.

One thing will always be right, Lotta Höglin singing along to Erik Molarin always will be something incredible. Every time I listen to Lotta Höglin singing, I can assure you that you can stay in love with her sweet voice and technical quality andyou will certainly think that she is one incredible woman awho knows what she is doing and she does it the best possible way.

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