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[English] Espera XIII: A squad on the imponent sea of the underground metal

Country: Brazil

Interviewed by: Caterine Souza


Ereon (Vocals/Guitar)
Edu Ayres (Bass)
Pietro Bernal (Guitar)
Fernando Ribeiro (Drums)

Genre: Melodic Black/ Death

And now an interview G.Grind blog did with the band Espera XIII, a great band from São Paulo that always presents a very well done work since their first demos.

Caterine 1: Hello, Espera XIII! First, I would like to thank on behalf of G.Grind the opportunity to interview you guys. From what we researched, Espera XIII is an acronym for Extra Sensory Perception Era XIII. Why the choice of this name? What about the XIII part?

Ereon: Thank you for your attention and interest to our local bands, this strengthens the scene and encourages musicians. Congratulations to all for this awareness! At the beginning there was this acronym, after three years with the project already named ESPERA XIII, I discovered and adopted it. Before that, the name was taken from one of the vessels of the Pedro Álvares Cabral’s fleet – he was the Portuguese discoverer of Brazil - whose name was Espera. And XIII, that’s because there were thirteen vessels in the fleet. Extra Sensory Perception was adopted after just to have complete harmony with our ideals.

Caterine 2: The lyrical theme within a band is extremely important. What are the pillars that support ESPXIII? Indeed, the logo is closely linked to the context, right? How did you create it and eventually improve it?

Ereon: A ship moves away from its fleet and navigates to another dimension in search of the hidden mysteries of the universe. The fiction revolves around this pillar, basically. Exactly, the logo is a caravel that we have drawn and then it was made perfected by Christophe Szpajdel. This is now the symbol of our boat.

Caterine 3: The band has so far its entire works conceived and produced by Renan Brito, because it all started as a one-man band. How was the decision to choose and attach the right crew to this ship?

Ereon: It was a slow and cautious process. I do not say that our sound is so complex and so difficult to play, but it certainly requires high level musicians. Since the beginning, Edu Ayres took the bassist position and also my right arm on the band. The mission was to find a drummer and a guitarist. In 2012, we did the first recruitment where we did some jams with our friends Rafael Leme and Paul Cypriano, but discontinued. In 2014, we formed our company and with some changes and adjustments we have consolidated in a quartet. I'm very grateful to all from the start, especially with Rubstein and Gabriel for our experience in this last band formation.

Caterine 4: Although you guys have not made any work together so far, how do the musical influences of each one on the group collaborate on Espera XIII?

Ereon: Live. Each one puts their musical taste in live interpretation and I find it pretty cool. Leaving them free to play as they prefer. And in the near future, we will have compositions together!

Caterine 5: 'Demo Escàndalo', released via independent in 2011, was the very first job of Espera XIII. How was to compose, to record, etc?

Ereon: It was wonderful to produce this demo. It was a new project coming out of the paper. I had a giant energy to do it all! Compose it was like a liberation, because I felt the vibe of having a solo project, so I had total freedom to do everything in the way I wanted. To record it was extremely laborious, I asked for Niko Teixeira, from Taubaté-SP, to record the drums and the rest of the instruments and voice I recorded with Jeff Hita (Spreading Hate). After, I "mixed" it poorly and released on the Internet.

Caterine 6: 'Thy Great Expedition' was a work that I originally faced as an album until I saw on an interview that you guys have been treating it like a second demo. Being such an amazing job like this, why did you decide to maintain as a demo?

Ereon: Okay, just between us, I used to call it an album as well. But for the poor quality of production, recording and mixing, I changed the name I used to give it to "second demo".

Caterine 7: Now, this is a question to all members individually, you guys were playing with Espera XIII for the first time in June of 2014? And how is to play today?

Edu: I had the opportunity to participate from the earliest trials and the feeling of giving life to a project of which I was already a fan, it was fantastic. In current shows, the feeling has only evolved as they are increasingly synergistic and professionals.

Fernando: Much better, we are gaining more and more space, playing in good places and putting bad opportunities aside, I think the release show of 'UAL' was a milestone that really raised the level of our performances.

Pietro: By entering the band, I had to learn a pretty big repertoire considering that at that time the band already had scheduled concerts. It was all very rushed. Today, I feel more secure and familiar with the songs and with the guys.

Caterine 8: Talking about the album 'Unexpected Austral Lights', released in March of 2015, the more "unexpected" for me is to see how much it solidified the sound identity of the band, united to an extreme conceptual complexity of the album. How was to create such a project?

Ereon: It was the most difficult and intense work of my life so far. It is even strained to remember, because I had moments of severe anguish. But it was created with a lot of passion. I started in 2012, the compositions of this play, in 2013 I recorded everything and in 2014, it was sent to mixing and only in 2015, the physical format was released. It was a great and unforgettable expedition, no doubt indeed.

Caterine 9: You performed a concert for the release of 'UAL' in May on Espaço Som, São Paulo. How to describe the sensation of playing the whole ‘Unexpected Austral Lights’ live? And how do you feel that it was received by the public?

Ereon: Mission accomplished! To do a show with every song was a complex project. Great merit to the musicians of the Espera XIII, the great effort they have done to perform the whole album that night. Some songs were not created to play at live concerts, which is the case of 'The Giant'. We will not play it live again. At least, not so early. The public likes, although we were a bit nervous about the whole thing, they all enjoyed and praised the show.

Caterine 10: Reviews and recommendations from sites, large webzines and vlogs like Metal Media, Whiplash, Roadie Crew and Dewwytto (Planno D on YouTube) have composed the list of reviews of Espera XIII’s works. How this feedback is faced by the band?

Ereon: Positively. I am aware that people are fighting for national scene, giving moral support and encouraging musicians to continue in their missions. All feedback we have about our work is valued when there is respect.

Caterine 11: What are your plans and how is Espera’s agenda for the end of 2015?

Ereon: I know there is still much to work on promoting our album. We're still owe a clip and an Austral Lights Tour. Dates that have not closed yet, but we will soon announce on our website!
Caterine 12: A phrase defining what the future aims of Espera XIII?

Ereon: To compose even better songs and spread the interest on the occult and esoteric matters of humanity.

Caterine 13: To close the interview, I would like again to thank you for your time and consideration on speaking with us from G.Grind. I wish you endless success for the next thousand miles that ESPXIII has ahead itself and this final space is for you to say anything you want.

Ereon: Thank you for your attention and once again thank you, G.Grind blog. We wish success to you to be infinite. Welcome to our Alliance those who are interested in knowing and learning more about our work, just access one of the following links below. And to get our merch, just get in contact with us through our website:


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