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[English] Behind Oroborus Blog: a quiz with Renan Martins

As we said feel days ago, sometimes different things will have space here at Oroborus. Different things from the weekly postings reviews and interviews.
For example, we have a review of a fest that we were present, the singles specials and more things that will arise. Today, as one of these news, there is a quiz that I did with one of the creators of this blog, the man in charge of reviews and female vocal specials! Check it out here!

Full name? Renan Martins.

Age? 19.

Hometown? Sao Paulo.

Birthday? October 25th.
Nickname and its meaning? "Bob" was born because I really like the movie 'David Spade' and it has a character named "Buffalo Bob" which marked so much my life with because it was the time I started to follow more movies and know more about this world.

Three words that you would define youself? Insanity, Creativity and studious.

A craze? To say "Good morning!" everyday to my tree.

A despair? Die alone.

A writer? H.P Lovecraft.

Something written by you? "O Saxofonista".

Ideal conditions to write? Rain or pollution /cold.

A book? "The Dunwich Horror", by Lovecraft.

A poem? "Relva".

A text? The words of Steve Jobs speech at Stanford. This man had a mind that understood how the market works and showed us his speech, with unparalleled motivational words.

Instruments that you play? I have tendonitis, I can not play an instrument.

Bands you once were part of? None was forward. So, I do not know if I was part of one.

A metal genre? Death Metal.
Strongest musical influences? Death Metal, Rock.

An artist that inspires you? Seth Siro, the father of the art obscurity.

A phrase on a song lyric? “La muerte es solo despertar de un profundo sueño”, by the band Guilt Machine with its "Perfection?" which is a song on an album with unique quality.

A band you hate? I still haven't found a band that I hate, but I'm not a fan or Thrash or Speed metal.

A favorite band? Amazingly, my favorite band is Oasis and always will be. Nothing can beat this band and nothing is as simple or perfect like Oasis.

A band that would go a meet & greet? Rishloo, I extremely love this band.

An album? 'Communion', by Septicflesh

A cover art? The one from 'Pestapokalypse VI' by Belphegor. That art is the perfect combination of sound and image.

A physical media? I have few physical medias.

An amazing show? Green Day, because of the musicians insanity.

A song you would sing only in private? "Barbie Girl".

A song that you would sing in public? "Fall in Love", by Barcelona.

A song that would have composed? "Canção do Lobisomem", by Guinga.

A favorite clip? "Sober" by Tool.

What do you think of the Brazilian underground?
We have some rich underground with great bands, but unfortunately we still suffer from a major problem of fanaticism from these people who call themselves "fans" of metal bands and their music. It is extremely difficult to make Metal have attention in a country that somehow is extremely focused with dubious quality of lyrics and with that mentality to think that music is like a competition. It will never take the metal forward.
And another very important point is the mind of the listener metal needs to remain open, open to understand that not everything that has been done previously means being better. Of course, it is important and this is not on question here, but what is done today has a huge quality too. The fact that today there are bands with more modern sound doesn't mean they are bad, but that the underground will turn to something even harder, it is necessary that all the people who listen to metal here understand that the national metal world is much more than only Sepultura, Sarcófago and Krisiun.

And about the worldwide underground?
The worldwide underground metal is the best "place" on the planet! The best bands are at the underground! Different sounds and different creativity. Indeed, the underground metal world is something that makes me speechless!

A dream?
To become a professional writer, talk to bands like Rishloo, Inactive Messiah, Septicflesh and, above everything else, I dream to be happy.

What do you expect your personal future? I intend to work with bands doing their cover arts (I am a technician in Illustrator and Photoshop/Graphic Design), and have my own projects both in the musical world, as well as being a writer and managing to always show what is most interesting and impressive in the world of underground metal.

And for the future of the blog?
Grandeur! This blog has potential!  To believe it will never be a mistake. Here I have the freedom to say what I want and show everyone that if you have a band, someone will listen to your work and probably you will find here a great opportunity to grow and tell us about your work. The metal people must be together, it needs to be a group of people who want to grow up and not just a lot of people who want to fight to see which is the best.

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