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[English] Datura Curse: Take the Head of the King

Originally written in Portuguese by Renan Martins
Translated to English by Caterine Souza.

Country: Australia
Genre Melodic Death Metal

John Willmott - drums
Daniel Martinez - guitar
Nick Fairweather - guitar
Sean Bowden - vocals
Michael George - bass

Creativity and the magic of being amazing are still alive and increasingly impacting on the Datura Curse's works. On the album 'Take the Head of the King', the band was able to show to the world that they do it decent from its start until the end.

"Black Hearted Enemies" is the first track of this great job. Right away, we can notice the soul of Melodic Death Metal buried deep within this band with its fast drums and also a little bit dry, but still switches between something poetic, played very quickly, with no frills.The guitar has a very impactful role once their riffs are pure energy and perfectly blended with the drums when it brings the sound more focused on the classic line of Melodic Death Metal. Everything is even more perfect when the guttural ends and the singer surprises us with his chest voice which is really very good.The album begins in an excellent way that doesn't stop to surprise us.
The second track is impeccable and, perhaps, it's one of the best, "No Sense of Reason" shows everything the band can offer.
This song has a very important role on the album. It can enter your mind and stay there for days. It also makes you want to hear more and more of this band that never fails with great energy and melody.The chest voice is well explored on this song and  it makes the track even more interesting, because it blends perfectly with the guttural.
The cover art chose by them was really something from another world. A world that only one person could create and this person is Seth Siro.With darknes and poetry, the artist can reach an extremely unique artistic level and that makes any work it's best appearance. Datura Curse was very thoughtful to choose this artist.
Speaking further, the track "The Pain Is Grace" showing a heavier side of their creation.
The drums start already showing an impressive double pedal that can make things even more enjoyable. The guitar creates a line of melody that joins the weight of the drums when the pace drops, combining it all
the most perfect and possible way.

"Popular Deceivers" is a track that can show everything that the band has separately. Drums that can always change the pace and still works completely mindblowing. Guitars that can bring heavy and fast riffs and this, working together with a bass that finally appears to be extremely killer, And even with just voice and drums, everything is destructive causing the band to reach excellence.
'Take the Head of the King' is really a different, striking and quality unique work which shows why Datura Curse never disappoints us.

Posted by Caterine Souza

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