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[English] Lisa Johansson: a new day's light

Originally written in Portuguese by Renan Martins
Translated to English by Caterine Souza

Gothic Doom Metal

Draconian, the impressive Gothic/Doom metal band, showed the world its dark sound by carrying poetry all the time and it also showed the incredible vocalist: Lisa Johansson.

Lisa Johansson showed the world her voice in the best possible way. With  Anders Jacobsson's extremely well made and heavy guttural, she united her voice.

The junction of Anders Jacobsson's and Lisa Johansson's voices on the album 'A Rose for the Apocalypse', which came out via Napalm Records, showed that the voice of Anders can carry the night with it, while Lisa's perfect voice shows the dawn of another day. A perfect combination.

The vocalist Lisa was able to expand her technique and potency on her career with Draconian and also achieved the most incredible level of all with the album 'A Rose for the Apocalypse'.

Starting the album with the song "The Drowning Age" is already clear both the qualities of the album and of Lisa's vocals which makes room for peace and light into the darkness. Her sweet voice can enchant and bring poetry to the moment, making it very unique. It's memorable.

"The Last Hour Ancient Sunlight" is the second song on the album and it begins already beautiful. This track is showing that the singer can make out of a slow song, that she can turn it to something even more amazing. The voice of Lisa Johansson is comparable to a kiss from an angel. A different singer which brings all feelings to all the songs. She can show us that the combination of two vocal techniques, if it is well made and well thought, two vocals, it can indeed be magnificent.

"Deadlight" is one of the best, if it isn't the one on the album. It shows a nocturnal melancholy  and it can leave everything alive on the instrumentals and this song is majorly is sung by Anders. He turns this song into an adventure full of obscurities and loaded nights, but when Lisa starts singing, she brings her poetry to a new day.

'A Rose for the Apocalypse' is the perfect blend of Gothic and Doom. One for each voice, one for each sense, both of them in the best possible way. Lisa Johansson is really showing how to be forever unique.

Posted by Caterine Souza

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