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[English] StaliNO: Conflict

Originally written in Portuguese by Renan Martins
Translated to English by Caterine Souza

Technical Death Metal

Location: Ukraine

Yulick - Bass
Alexey Tsipchenko - Drums
Vadim Bugaev - Guitars
Eugene Grachyov - Vocals

With the complexity of a Rubik's Cube and one mind full of intelligence, this is the EP called 'Conflict', by this Ukrainian band StaliNO.

Eclectic Productions is the label that released the EP and this seal has never hit it so perfectly. 'Conflict' has a different power and can bring an extremely well done side of the Technical Death Metal, this beautiful and complex sub-genre of Death Metal.

The first track entitled "Bitter Poison" is beginning to destructive and with sudden breaks. The breaks on the rhythm made by the drums can make the sound extremely perfect to break down with everything. The speed and capacity that comes with the drums make the band earn points without second thoughts. Quick and broken played, the drums goes together with energy and acute moments from the guitar, making everything always formidable.

To do a work with an impact of 'Conflict' level could not help but to follow. The next track entitled "Multifaced" begins with a radio voice and then begins the endless density and brutality to the incredible bass line. That's really a great destruction. A band that can work so well with its "Technical" side could not remain anonymous. This EP is truly a stone thrown in the head.

The impact of the EP is powerful indeed, but it has more power when related to its cover art. This artwork can right away sell the well thought on modifying the human mind. They already treat it as a game and show that the mind can be totally changed, assembled and fully moldable over time. A complete band that knows how to work the best way possible, without failing in aggression, madness and chaos on their songs.

"Feeding The Carnivorous" is a track that already begins magnificently. With its bass line, this song seems like a catapult of hate and darkness carrying each member's soul. An EP that can always manage to bring the next song even better than the previous one.  And this song specially, this is one of the best on the EP. A closed and destructive guttural; guitar that can put energy and drums bringing a well-thought-out broken pace pretty worthy of Technical Death Metal style.

This band has a very important point which is they know how to use the Technical Death Metal in a clear, objective and very smart way, because this band can exploit all the metallic sounding of the bass. You can pull all the rage and energy out of the weight and acute side of the guitar and also from the drums once they are played extremely fast  by the excellent drummer, Alexey Tsipchenko.

'Conflict' is only the first StaliNO's work and right away this incredible band shows that its ability goes beyond. It manages to get away and further, full of impact.

StaliNO is a game with the human mind.

Posted by Caterine Souza

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