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[English] Sanna Salou: obscurity and poetry in just one voice

Originally written in Portuguese by Renan Martins

Translated to Eglish by Caterine Souza

Dark/Death/Gothic Metal

Sanna Salou, you might not remember her name, but you know the voice of this amazing woman.

If you don't know by name, it's okay to know that she is the amazing vocalist who made the album 'Psychosynthesis' enter in Gothic Metal's eternal path.

'Psychosynthesis' is the album of the band called Dimlight. It's a band that has such a great power within the Gothic Metal and specific on this album, it managed to put all energies by creating something really destructive and striking with top tunes.

The powerful instrumental is actually an excellent start for all tracks, but the magic appears when Sanna Salou begins to sing and she can take all the fans to another world with her sweet and powerful voice.

A great example of what is to join the weight of an instrumental played on amazing band that pullsus into the Gothic Metal more than anything. Some great example of this destroyer band would be this dark and deathly track 'Agonize' which leaves a very large emphasis on the vocals of Sanna, vocals that are in no time missing poetry and beauty.
Her singing is sweet and full of feelings, making it really good to listen to. Her vocals complete the band perfectly once it blends with the heavy and dark instrumentals.

'Lucid Dreams' is a track that can bring all the soul of  Dimlight. It also brings brutality and melody. In the other hand, it brings love and obscurity and also drama and poetry . In all of this we can see her guttural with the beautiful voice of this pretty woman who can always surprise us by her unique capacity which shows that she can go to the sharper side possible for something quieter ou lighter. She is really an excellent singer.

Sanna Salou was part of the band Emerald Sun too, at live gigs. Today, she is not in Dimlight anymore, but she's showing everyone her amazing qualities as a great, great vocalist in Oracles Cult.

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