domingo, 13 de dezembro de 2015

[English] Helen Vogt: the Lady in red

Originally written in Portuguese by Renan Martins
Translated to English by Caterine Souza

Gothic Metal

Flowing Tears, one of the finest Gothic Metal bands and  it wouldn't be less because, after all, the Lady in red is on vocals. This eternal, sweet and melancholic voice of Helen Vogt.

The vocal work of this woman is really impressive.
Her voice on the song 'Words Before You Leave' conveys all energy and pain. It can cause you to feel love and sadness by feeling this magnificent singer's tone. The instrumental of Flowing Tears is something flawless. It has endless loaded destruction with feeling and darkness that embraces the soul's beautiful side of each song.

Versatility is compatible with the singer. All songs are unique and different, but they all still fill on the side of Gothic Metal that the band chose to create their music. One of the most beautiful songs on this band's career is 'Souls of the Neon Reign', a track that conveys the Red  Lady's perfect melancholic side and soul which shows up the loaded the atmosphere the band creates with its impeccable instrumental.

A song that can bring Flowing Tears' delicate side would be 'Kismet'. It is something that even though a keen song, she can stick it to your mind and it will not come out easily. It has a great power to be something so different from what you're used to listen to.
Lacking nothing, 'Kismet' appears bringing not only a different atmosphere, but also with soul marking the album altogether. It is song that can translate the voice of a Godess when rain falls and we could not help, but hear.

Gothic Metal has always brought excellent bands with women on vocals. All of them are on a list because of their great quality and one of these would undoubtedly be Flowing Tears. Their ability  with both the whole band and the singer on leaving everything even more beautiful, more melancholy and more interesting makes it all very impactful while creates the instrumental united with Helen Vogt's lovely voice.

Posted by Caterine Souza

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