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[English] Karls: Server of Sins

Originally written in Portuguese by Renan Martins
Translated to English by Caterine Souza

Genre: Black/Death Metal

A black art made of weight, with all the possible destruction and intensity. This Karls' work. This is their EP titled 'Server Ov Sins' and it was made in the best possible way I could be made.

"Dead Symbols" is the name of the first track on the EP and it's the perfect example of what you can and will learn out of this band's sound. There are bands that still have extremely fast blast beats, also betting on this junction of Black and Death Metal, but different from other BM bands, Karls' vocals features on this extremely dark and closed. A perfect combination of extremely ripped and well done harsh vocals and closed and heavy gutturals.

"Server Ov Sins" is the second song and it starts showing the excellent drummer working with his double pedal that does not stop at any time. The vocals on this track bring a dark and loaded with grim poetry atmosphere that somehow put all its possible devilish intensity to this track.

The cover art work is really important to catch the public's attentio. Once an artwork always comes out  about the impact and sound compatibility, the EP "Server Ov Sins" bears the dark and saturated side of the classical black metal bands with a junction of the current atmosphere, making the EP some work even more interesting.

The third track of the EP is entitled "From Darkness Came" and it carries a striking energy with very destructive drums. With a way more open way of singing, the vocalist puts a little bit more of adrenaline on his harsh vocals, turning this track to be an even more interesting song.

In fact, this band really has a lot to show. Their ability is real and really great to make music. A sound that brings seriousness and sense of each musician on Karls with impact and adrenaline, emotion and dark and it never loses what really is focused on the Black Metal style.

This is a band that never fails with their really fast drums, because they know how to work with double pedal, plates and blast beats at the right times in  the best way to not tire anyone. The guitar puts the energy in the music while the more classic side of Black Metal disappear switching places with their Death Metal style. Also, the bass and vocals are the pure demonstration of the darkness and night things impacts which are able to make this EP have even more complete and well-done songs.

Check this EP out here!

Posted by Caterine Souza

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