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[English] Atlantis: the power trio from SC

Location: Jaraguá do Sul, SC

Tino Barth (vocals, guitar)

Jonathan Odorizzi

Bruno Eggert (drums)

Genre: heavy metal

 Today we bring Atlantis that were indicated to us by Sangue Frio Productions. Check out the interview we did with this power trio! " Atlantis emerged in 2013 with influences in the major bands of the N.W.O.B.H.M. who showed great bands like Iron Maiden, Angel Witch, Diamond Head and others"

I. Hello, Atlantis! First, thank you, on behalf of Oroborus blog for the interview opportunity. Right away, when we know a band, which draws our attention even before the sound is his name. What is the origin of the Atlantis name? It even has to do with such a lost continent of legend?
Oops, we thank you for the interview invitation. Well, the band's name was inspired by the song "Atlantis" Angel Witch, song about the lost continent. We found a really cool name for a band!

II. Another thing that comes before the music, even before the name, is the band's logo. Who designed the logo of Atlantis and how it snaps into the band's sound proposal?

The current logo was made by Fabiano, Battalion drummer, who also made the cover for our new EP. Before, we did not have a well-defined and were using one that wasn't as good as this one... Until one day, he went to a show of ours, liked our sound and said that he would make a decent logo that would have Atlantis' face.

III. The formation of a band carries the story of a group. What were the difficulties Atlantis had on its early days?
Well, we have had many members until we ended up with the current lineup. All the departures were difficult but whenever the changes happened, we evolved as musicians and we hope that the current band members lasts because we are in a good phase now.

From left to right: Jonathan Odorizzi, Bruno Eggert e Tino Barth

What musical influences does each of you bring to Atlantis? What bands inspired you to become musicians?

Our main focus is on N.W.O.B.H.M. bands like Angel Witch, Iron Maiden, Diamond Head, among others. That inspire us a lot, and also in heavy metal bands of the new generation like Cauldron, Skull Fist and so on, which are doing great nowadays.

V. According to the Encyclopaedia Metallum, the lyrical themes of Atlantis are mythology and the occult. How did this choice of themes happen? Do you rely on some previous research or literature on these specific topics?

Usually, we try to research stories and myths to compose the songs, as in "Cretan Labyrinth," which told the story of Theseus and his mission in Crete or in "Stormbringer & Mournblade" which was inspired by the first book in the Elric de Melniboné saga of Michael Moorcock, and finally the songs "Summoning the Witch" and "Mistress of the Night" that talk about witchcraft. We always try to tell a story in our songs.

VI. The first work of Atlantis was recorded in 2014 and released in 2015. I would highlight the instrumentals of "Cretan Labyrinth" and "Chained", beside  the cover band band of the same name as the song "Angel Witch" . How were the processes of composition and recording the EP 'Summoning the Witch'?

As soon as the first formation of the band stablished, we began rehearsing and already started to write the songs that are on the first EP, the connection between the band members was very good and so we didn't have lots of difficulties to compose, although we didn't have much experience.

 'Summoning the Witch' and its conceptual artwork

VII. A curiosity: how was the first show of Atlantis?

Our first show was kind of a surprise, because we played in Birigui-SP, we substituted Frade Negro at the event called "As Mais Tocadas do Inferno" (free translation: The Most Played Songs in Hell) we were the last band to play and just few people watched it... haha. But at least the event was open bar.

VIII. How would you describe the sound of Atlantis in three words only?

Traditional Heavy Metal.

IX. Why did you decide to sing only in English? Is there a chance that you will sing in Portuguese in the future?

We think that singing in English is better for us to spread our sound to anywhere in the world, once it's "standard" language, the most widely used in heavy metal... But nothing prevents we from writing in Portuguese in the future. At the beginning of the band, we played some Harppia's covers that were sung in Portuguese, and it also serves us as an inspiration.

X. Related to Atlantis, which would be the biggest dream of yours?

To have ourselves recognized and appreciated around the metal world.

XI. You guys participate in many fests in SC. The most recent of these was the Fear Fest in January, in which the Atlantis shared the stage with Rhestus, Imperious Malevolence, Alkanza, Poison Beer, Batallion, Evil Domain, M-19, Luciferiano and SynTZ. How would you classify the scene of underground metal SC?

The scene is very big here in SC, but is very divided, either by people who just appreciate a specific genre or groups with closed minds to new bands... We have trouble because we are one of the few bands that follows the traditional Heavy Metal genre and we are in the state with a very scarce public, but nothing will make us stop and we will hopefully be noticed by more and more people.

 The band is always present on underground events around SC

XII. Still on the underground subject, which national underground bands, besides Atlantis, of course, will you recommend to a metal fan?
A band that we always will recommendbecause of their support is Battalion that is certainly one of the best bands in the region and they play a Heavy / Speed ​​very fucking well done. But I also recommend other bands here like Impiedoso, Spiritus Diaboli, Axecuter, Poison Beer, Hell Gun, Luciferiano, Oculto, Verbal Attack and many others!

How did the partnership between you guys and Sangue Frio Productions happen?
We began our partnership last year and for sure it has helped a lot on spreading our work and to schedule some shows. The work that Patrick is doing is very responsible and quality and we hope to keep the partnership!

How is the Atlantis' agenda for this start of 2016? And what are the plans for the near future?
We are closing some dates for a mini tour with Axecuter, from Curitiba. But we have many dates free to settle shows. If anyone is interested,  just contact us!

And to close our conversation, I thank you again for your time and willingness to answer us. I wish success to each of you and to Atlantis. The final space is free for you to say anything!
We thank you for this interview, I remind you that very soon we will release our new EP "Hotter Than the Burning Church" !!! And that's it. Thanks !!

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