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[English] Singles #2

Originally in Portuguese by Renan Martins
Translated to English by Caterine Souza

Single #2

Perfection can indeed exist and it came to the world when the magnificent and amazing band Septicflesh announced its tour with Fleshgod Apocalypse and Carach Angren.The power created in a single event with so many terrific songs would not be forgotten in metal history. The exception that seems to unite these three bands is the orchestra they all are masters to use it, in order to complete the atmosphere of their poems on their songs. These are bands that go far beyond the stage, far beyond five minutes of each song.There is no best among these three bands, each of them has its different characteristics. The brutality of Fleshgod Apocalypse with its extremely violent and fast drums make a beautiful blend of clean and guttural vocals.Carach Angren with his formidable presence to tell us a story in theatrically way - even by their appearance - that can blow your mind and with times of rapid declines, they start making its obscure music become melancholic and at the other hand, bright, but a glow that only Carach Angren knows how to create.Septicflesh appears bringing a ocean of creativity that to me, it ended up being one of the most interesting and original metal band in the Symphonic Death Metal genre.


Fleshgod Apocalypse
Country: Itália
Genre: Symphonic/Technical Death Metal
Single: The Fool

The ironic way to start the music made it the perfect choice to be a single. Drums can show their creativity and rather abruptly drop the pace and always giving the piano a support. The drums here are used in its best possible way by creating a sound worthy of a jester character, so sharp, destructive and classical. The guttural shows such hatred within the music and the junction with the impeccable and sentimental voice of Paolo Rossi is beyond awesome. Perfection is here and created by a band which knows how to play and to make impeccable music.


Band: Carach Angren
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal
Single: The Ghost of Raynham Hall

To cause fear. This single shows the shape of the dark atmosphere created by this band of very talented musicians who perfectly master the gift of creating.

The early atmosphere prepares the fan to a tension that he/she will feel. And as a restless soul, Carach Angren can master the heart with darkness and show that the Black Metal, that is always regarded as such a raw metal genre, can be handed along with a melody and an orchestra, turning its work into one monumental masterpiece in each album or single they release


Band: Septicflesh
Country: Greece
Genre: Symphonic Death Metal
Single: The Vampire from Nazareth

And finally Septicflesh. The reason that this is a particular band that I consider more creative and interesting in the current metal is immediately clear when this song starts.

The voice of a child singing with so much feeling and drama, but always presenting a "black mood" as the advance of darkness in a world that is changing into the deformity mind of such a genius like Seth Siro.

Drums are played with impeccably well crafted speed. Vocalsl that present the story that is being told and when he finally joins with the magic chest voice of Sotiris Vayenas, the song presents us with a scenario that takes your mind into some ritual cult or whatever alike and it shows that perfection exists and it should be called Septicflesh.

Posted by Caterine Souza

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