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[English] Christopher Horst: the creative logo artist

Christopher Horst, the man behind such amazing logos.

Christopher's work appears on many bands. His art always carries his mark which is his well-known versatility to create logos that keep up with the weight and feeling on his design.

Horst's curriculum is very wide. His work became more known on the undergroundmetal, but he also presents us with Acrania's destructive art logo, "King Bree" Luke Griffin's band.

Dawn of Dementia, Axis Disrupt, Holycide, Defilementory and many other bands carry around Horst's work.


 Dawn of Dementia
Album: Residuum
Year: 2012
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Country: USA

Band: Ophidian I
Album: Solvet Saeclum
Year: 2012
Genre: Technical Death Metal

With his direct way to make logos, Horst wins the public by building something heavy, destructive and, at the same time, readable. His works really show that their work is well done and have best possible quality.

Christopher's gift appears to all Metal genres, always very interesting, always showing the artist's versatility.

 Band: Possesor
 Album: City Built With Skulls
Year: 2013
Genre: Thrash Metal 

Country: USA

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