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[English] Desdominus: without domain, sounding agressive and melodic

Originally done in Portuguese by Caterine Souza
Translated to English by American Extreme Webzine

Location: Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Paolo Bruno (guitars and vocals)
Wilian Gonsalves (guitars)
Rafael Faria (bass)
Ney Paulino (drums)

Genre: death/black metal

I. Hello, Desdominus! First, thank you very much on behalf of American Extreme for the opportunity to do this interview with you. A curiosity I have about the band is the story behind the name Desdominus. Can you tell us a little about?

 Desdominus: Greetings, it is an honor for us to have the opportunity to give this interview, the band's name comes from a combination of latin (Dominus) with (Des) of our native language, the translation would be something like No Domain/ Without God, this name represents our thought about not being submissive to any God or doctrine.

II. Desdominus is on active since 1993, right? Having released, as to be almost commonplace today, two demos before the first album. They are: 'Autopsy of the Mind', released in 1997 and 'Judgement of the Souls' in 1999. How was to compose and produce them?

Desdominus: The production work of those demos tapes was very interesting, although at the time they were launched we did not have any of the technical advanced apparatus that exists today, so the acceptance of those works was very good, even today,people ask us to play some of the demos' tracks in our gigs. Recently, we've began to study the possibility of re-recording those demos with a more current face. For sure, these 2 works represent a solid foundation that we've created back there and that we are very proud of them today.

III. Who inspired you to pick up an instrument for the first time? What are the influences that each of you brought /bring and contribute to Desdominus?Desdominus: The inspiration for the band's early years came from the interest of old friends who knew each other back them in school days and had common musical taste, so there are bands like Unleashed, Obituary, Entombed, among others and over time, these friends started to bring new influences to the band's sound identity.

From left to right: Ney Paulino, Rafael de Faria, Wilian Gonsalves and Paolo Bruno
In 2005, Paolo Bruno, at the same time that was founding its excellent Thy Light, joined Desdominus. How was this partnership between you?

Desdominus: With the departure of our former vocalist / guitarist Douglas Martins, we began the search for a new member that fit the ideological and musical proposal of the band, after some tests and a time of searching we found Paolo Bruno that proved itself fit and able to take the left post and brought a new creative energy charge for the band.

The theme is something very important for the sound, as incredible as it is, so it does not become empty. Why, according to Metallum did you choose iconoclasm, atheism, anti-religion and freedom as themes for Desdominus' lyrics?

Desdominus: We adopted these themes because they express our way of thinking as people and we believe freedom in man's life is very valuable and must be relished, the lyrics are an affront to all religions that imprison man to old concepts, in short, be free is a necessary condition.


VI.   The first full-length, launched 12 years ago, is amazing. Even its cover art, simple but beautiful, making us speechless. How was to compose, record and release  'Without Domain'?

Desdominus: The creative process followed basically the way we are accustomed to compose today, someone comes with the idea (usually guitar riffs) and each one creates and fits your instrument, this album was composed mostly at the place we rehearsed, however we suffered a bit with the lack of financial resources and the album's release was delayed a few times, we did a homemade recording until the time we signed a partnership with the Heavy Metal Rock Rec. and Pure Hell Rec. and re-recorded the `Without Domain` in a professional studio.


You have participated in several fests by the state of Sao Paulo, right? Some of them like Nocautfest, Hord of Demons, Hunterground, Blasphemy Celebration, sharing the stage with bands already established as Krisiun (to quote too: At the Gates, Asphix, Master). What are the impressions you have of underground metal scene in Brazil?

Desdominus: The impression we have had in recent times in relation to shows, is that the organization has been more concerned in offering a suitable structure for bands to show their work and despite the people supporting the scene attending events and purchasing merchandise, it still lacks a more significant number of public to make the organization of events have cash to continue the fests and support undergrounds bands and the scene as a whole.

VI. Desdominus is part of the collection 'Evil Warriors of the Southern Lands', under the label of Goat Music Records. Since when this participation has come to you?

Desdominus: We received the invitation from the collection's responsible staff, with whom we have friendship until nowadays.

How would you describe the sound of Desdominus for those who do not know it yet, using only three words?

Desdominus:  Aggressive, melodic and dynamic.

X. The second full-length, equally wonderful, was the amazing 'Devasting Millenary Lies', released in 2013, ten years after the first. How was to compose and produce it?

Desdominus: On this album we had all the songs ready and we already have played them for a long time. So we chose those that would be part of the CD's tracklist, then we changed some parts that we thought that could be improved and then we've gone to the studio to start the recording process.

The latest work 'Uncreation' full-length was released last year. How to describe the evolution of Desdominus to get this work  that is beyond exceptional?

Desdominus:  Lifetime. We are at the height of mesh between the members, this is the most solid and lasting lineup we had, of 23 years  the last 11 were with the current lineup and this creates a favorable creative atmosphere where everyone puts his musical personality and the result is the identity that the band bring in their songs. This was also the first work recorded with metronome, where we had a producer (Ricardo Biancarelli / Studio Fuzza) who knew exactly the result we expected and managed to exceed our expectations, everything added positively to the end result of this work.

'Uncreation' is an exceptional album indeed, and it's already shown by its awesome artwork.

How is Desdominus' agenda for 2016? What about future plans, what to aim at?

Desdominus: This year we did two shows in February and we are open to new proposals to schedule. At the end of this year we are planning a tour in Brazilian Northeast. We plan to record another clip until the middle of the year and already starting the preparations for a new album.

To end our conversation again I’d like to thank you once again and wish success to Desdominus on behalf of  Oroborus Blog. The final space is with you.

Desdominus: I am also grateful for the given space and the time spent in supporting our work.
Success to Oroborus Blog.

Posted by Caterine Souza

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