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[English] HellArise: hell and Hel immersed into brutal metal

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Flavia Morniëtári (vocals)

Mirella Max (guitar, backing vocals)

Kito Vallim (bass)

Daniel Curvello (guitar)

nre: Death / Thrash

The band in the interviews section this week is the incredible HellArise. This is a band met by a card by the hands of  the HellArise's singer at one of Espera XIII's gig I went one day. Check out our conversation with them below!

I. Hello, HellArise! Thank you on behalf of Oroborus Blog for the opportunity to interview you guys. First, a classic question: Where did the band's name come from?

Flavia Morniëtári (vocals): The band's name has double meaning: the first is that everyone always associates metal with something evil and hellish, so we have the (g)old "hell" in English and the other is "Hel-hela", underworld goddess in Norse mythology. That's where comes this name.

II. How was the formation of HellArise? And what are the bands that each of you see as inspirational and influencing to wind up on HellArise?
Mirella Max (guitar): Well, the formation went through that traditional replacements already well known among metal bands. After all, it is not easy to have formation stability in this country. But in the end it all worked out, and then we have not changed a single member since 2014.

   From left to right: Daniel Curvello, Mirella Max, Flávia Morniëtári and Kito Vallim

III. HellArise's lyrical themes, according to Metallum, are social problems, everyday life and injustice. Why did you guys choose these to fill in band's lyrics?Flavia: We thought of unicorns and thickets, but I think it would not match the sound. (laughs)Mirella: Now, seriously, I think it's a natural process. Even more in the present humanity condition, we're trying to express some of our revolt through our music. Not to mention that these issues really fits with the more aggressive sound style we do.

IV. The band's first work was the demo 'Human Disgrace', released in 2010. How were the composition and recording processes?
Mirella: At that time, as we were still experiencing, there wasn't much of a defined writing process. We just got together to make music and what came out from that, we decided to record. For that, we recruited a friend, Eduardo Murai, who was starting to produce bands at his studio.

V. The EP 'Functional Disorder', launched in 2013, which brought the "More Mindless Violence" track and music video, released in 2014. How was writing and recording this EP? And the video, how did you idealize it?

The EP consists of 5 tracks written by Flavia and me, in a transition phase on the band's formation. In 2013, once the formation
has stabilized and the songs began to change a little bit of their style because of the new members, we decided to release this older material on an EP to symbolize some sort of cycle closing. This time we called the people from Pedrada Studio to help us with the production.

Flavia: Now, about the clip, as the music talks about violence, the initial idea was to shoot at a paintball field, but thanks to our director cameragirl-doesanythinggirl, we got in contact with an airsoft team and so then recorded our clip.

                                      The 'Functional Disorder' EP shows itself as amazing as its cover art by Vivian Mota

VII. In 2015, the single "Darkened Flames" appears. How was to record it?

It was a different experience because it was the first song we recorded with the new line up.
It was also the first time we did everything from the composition until the final phase of mixing and mastering at Mirella's home studio (UpTracks Studio).

It really is quite different when you are 100% involved in the production phase (recording, mixing and mastering).
You end up taking different decisions in the process, not to mention the flexibility to change things more easily.

VII. How would you describe the evolution of HellArise's sound since the first demo until nowadays?

I think a "small" change happened.
But it was a natural evolution because of the members exchange, and even because of our maturity as musicians.
I think the main difference is that today we can put our ideas into practice much more accurately than before.

VIII. At the time of composition you gather and produce there, exchanging ideas or it just happens each of you in your place and then some integration is needed?
Mirella: It depends. Each song comes out in one way: sometimes an idea, sometimes a riff, and sometimes another song, or even that annoying little tune you cannot get out of your head. And it can be all of us together or not.

IX. Now about the underground: HellArise have participated on some national fests, what do you think of the underground metal scene in Brazil? And, besides HellArise, which underground bands would you recommend to a metal fan without even flinching?Flavia: The underground scene here is a very tricky thing and it cannot be generalized. The discussion would be too long. (laughs)

Mirella: There are too many bands not to be unfair on naming some, but come on: (laughs) Ancesttral, Woslom, Aneurose, Dynahead, Arandu Arakuaa, Espera XIII, Indiscipline, Hatematter, Semblant, Furia Inc., and this just to start this long list.

X. The presence of very talented women in the metal world has grown increasingly which really is something wonderful and enriching for the whole metal scene. Being a woman in metal is still a prejudice reason for a band?

At least not for us (me and Flavia), we were always focused on the music, whether it's a platypus playing on stage.

XI. Even today you only sing in English, correct? You think of ever releasing something in Portuguese?

Flavia: We feel very comfortable with English - I can speak for myself that I'm more comfortable because I worked with this language for so long time. I don't know if Portuguese works with my writing style and the sound proposal.

XII. How is HellArise the touring schedule for 2016? What To the near future?Mirella: At the moment, we have some projects in progress, but still no date set for this year.

Flavia: About future projects, you will know when the right time comes. *mystery song*

Their most recent work is 'Shaded Land',  single released in 2015.

XIII. To end our conversation, I would like to thank them again for the time and available to you in the answer. We wish success to each of you and HellArise. The final space is yours!

Flavia: Thanks for the space and opportunity. Who wants to know more about the band, please visit www.hellarise.com, or the search for us on the social networks.
Mirella: Just remembering that our most recent work, the single 'Shaded Land', is available for free download for a limited time, so run to the website! Thank you all, success to the blog and even more!

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