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[English] Godless Angel: The Conjuring of Four

Location: United States of America

Derek Neibarger (Everything)

Genre: Death Metal

The metal market is increasingly raising new One-Man bands' names. In 2016, appears something incredible from a band that have been releasing very good and creative sounds inside its death metal subgenre.

With lyrics exploring occult themes, horror and death, Godless Angel comes with its new release entitled 'The Conjuring of Four'. The way the album was assembled was very, very intelligent. One minute songs make the best intro to songs with vocals. With this work, this band becomes even richer and more creative, which is one of Derek's mark in this project.

To be able to create the perfect atmosphere for the theme, the first track, the self-titled one, already appears with a "sharp" guitar leaving a sense of danger in the air which fits perfectly with the second song's first seconds "Twisting Chaos". This song has a very impressive energy immersed on it and also an excellent drum section. The way that the song "Twisting Chaos" was created really shows us why Godless Angel is so interesting and creative in its releases. This song gets out of the same style of playing we are used to hear when it comes to Death Metal. Yet, still manages to fit in this genre with a different way to show GA's quality.

The vocal is done so, so torn and you can almost feel the pain inside it. His vocals can clearly convey everything and still show full compatibility with the lyrics. This is a track really well done and complete.
"The Worms Are Eating Him Now" is a flawless combination of the old Death Metal with the modern ways to record, which also includes other genres' influences. It's such a great song!

Derek can perfectly master the guitar. He can explore it by taking solos and riffs to their best quality. He puts the listener into his world of chaos and destruction. The open vocal embraces the extremely loaded sound of the bass and this makes the song full, another complete and great track on
'The Conjuring of Four'.
To end this great album released in 2016, it seems that the track "JawZ" can possibly be considered the best of the album. The construction of this song is really well done. The bass brings a dense atmosphere. It seems like the silent walk of a killer. The guitar comes so intelligently creative, transforming itself as a unique and awesome intro which brings quality to the song.

To be part of a genre so extreme like Death Metal seems easy to Derek Neigbarger. He can make the death metal common weight be even more sticky.
'The Conjuring of Four' is  really a high qualified work that  surprise the listener when he/she sknows it's made by only one very talented man..

Posted by Caterine Souza

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