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[English] Itself: Make My Suffer Short

Originally written in Portuguese by Renan Martins
Translated to English by Caterine Souza

Country: Brazil
Genre: Death/ Thrash Metal

Estevan Furlan - Drums/Vocals
Ricardo Falcon - Guitar/Bass player

After a long time without reviews, we're back and there is no better way to get back without speaking of a national band - from Sao Paulo, a city where one can exercise its love and hate on everything. Hate is the very focused feeling on the album  'Make My Suffer Short by Itself.

Betting on a Death/Thrash Metal sound, the band does not act childish on their music and it certainly worries about everything. Starting from a well done cover art until every single part of their songs. They make everything have a stronger footprint or even a density within all instruments.

''Make My Suffer Short'' is the living example of how to join the Death Metal with Thrash can be fully compatible and also have excellent quality. The voice does not use a more closed guttural, giving way to something more like the Old Thrash or Death.All instruments are played very clear and the double pedal gets even more interesting on this song that is a delusion.

The album's most impressive moment comes with "Guess Who I Am" that has a really surprising beginning, but let us talk about this song in parts.An extremely positive point which is clear on this track is the recording quality. The bass is extremely sharp, the guitar can make its space and they combined do not let the quick and sour  Thrash quality disappear. The double pedal is
intelligently used and the riff on its total weight really show us that this track is excellent.

"Guess Who I Am" also presents each musician individual qualities who managed to always surprise. On the fact, Estevan Furlan take the drums and vocals, it shows a very great versatility while Ricardo Falcon managed to build an atmosphere and a real weight working with the bass and guitar.

Itself presents themselves to the national scene as excellent musicians. They have been done such a great work that can leave this underground place even richer
. Their quality prevails and deservedly can be one day immortalized on the national Death/Thrash Metal.

Posted by Caterine Souza

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